Friday, April 23, 2010

Single Parent Life

This is an email I received....much like many of you have privately shared.  I share my responses to help those of you still caught in "the cycle."

I love the children and they know that. (Because I reinforce this every single day - NOT because of you!)   Stop fabricating and stop fabricating in public (blog) really what is the purpose of making it public, do you need the attention that badly or is how you believe your own lies? (It is not a fabrication.  (These are not lies.  No, not for attention, but the support I receive makes me stronger and that is what I need when we deal with late payments, struggles and everyday life that you know nothing of.) My children know how I much I love them but for your own selfish reasons you continue to play devils advocate with a relationship you have nothing to do with. (No......I speak the truth.  I'm an advocate, yes....not the devil's advocate.  It is for your own selfish reasons that you think otherwise.)  That's right the relationship is between myself and my children, not you. (Yes it is!  So you had better kick it up a notch buddy.  These kids have dealt with more than you have ever known!)  Please feel free NOT to respond.  (Easy request.  The mirror hurts sometimes.)
(PS: If you don't like my interpretations, you are FREE to stay elsewhere and rent a car!!!!!  No one tied you down!!!!!!  Oh forgot to include my generosity in your email.  There are other options in the area.  I am kind to you - you are not to me.)
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Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog in an internet search. Thank you so much for your honesty and truth. I thought I was crazy!!!!!!!!!! I hope you continue to post because you are wise and honest.
I'll be back.